Mar 20, 2017

Wall Street Looks to Cloud As a highly data- and information technology-heavy sector, financial services’ move to the cloud represents a seismic shift with broad implications for market-participating firms and technology providers alike.

Mar 7, 2017

The 2017 Trading Tech 40: Manoj Narang For quantitative trading firms, technology is typically a cost center. “My overriding objective is to take the technology and turn it into a profit center,” Manoj Narang says.  

Jan 18, 2017

CAT Selection Shows Industry’s Interest in Change Many assumed picking Finra as the plan processor for the Consolidated Audit Trail was a no-brainer. The SROs thought differently. Dan DeFrancesco gives some possible reasons why…

Dec 13, 2016

A hot $1 billion hedge fund is building computers to predict how human traders will act Manoj Narang is launching New York-based MANA Partners next month, using a mix of quant and alternative data strategies.

Dec 12, 2016

Trump’s stock-shaking tweets vs. Wall Street’s robots: Battle Royale “If one of my algo strategists came to me and told me he wanted to build a computerized strategy to trade based on Trump tweets, I’d respond ‘you’re fired,’” said Manoj Narang, a pioneer in high-speed trading…

Nov 23, 2016

JPMorgan Boosts Speed Trading Veteran’s $1 Billion Quant Fund A veteran high-speed trader’s quantitative hedge fund raised almost $1 billion, bucking an industry malaise, and won the backing of JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s investment arm.

Oct 10, 2016

There’s a new breed of trader on Wall Street, and they’re becoming the new ‘masters of the universe’ “The main skill set that human can bring to the table, which quantitative trading strategies can’t really perform, is the ability to reason based on small data sets,” Manoj Narang said

Mar 11, 2016

A High-Speed Trading Pioneer Spots a New Way to Make Big Returns Bloomberg- Manoj Narang starts firm to meld HFT and hedge fund strategies Industry veteran left Tradeworx, which he co-founded, in 2015 Way up in a Manhattan tower, next door to the fabled Carnegie Hall, a pioneer of high-frequency trading explained his new idea…

Mar 7, 2016

The 2016 Trading Technology 40: Manoj Narang   Institutional Investor- After Tradeworx founder and former CEO Manoj Narang left the Red Bank, New Jersey-based high frequency trading firm in January 2015, following a disagreement with its board over strategic direction,…

Oct 23, 2015

Spoofing trial to shine light on secret world of high-frequency trading Chicago Tribune – High-frequency trading firm Tradeworx founder Manoj Narang, an outspoken defender of his colleagues and competitors, argues that society benefits from the …